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I'm Andrew Keturi, a Software Engineer based in the SF Bay Area.

I build thoughtful, responsible applications and games enjoyed by many. You can view some of my favorite projects I've created below.


Pine Medical

Pine Medical



Date: 2023 - 2024

Pine Medical is a healthtech company tackling obesity by providing access to GLP-1 weight loss medications. I built a signup flow with Insurance/SMS verification, Vouched identity verification, and integrated with EMRs to store patient data. The cash pay platform reached $14m ARR in less than a year.



typescriptreactreact native

Date: 2019 - 2022

Sessions was a live streaming platform for musicians, with over 130k artists and 1.7m fans. I helped build features from ticketed events to streaming on the web and native platform. This involved collaborating with the backend team on API specs, leading a squad of 4 engineers, and working closely with stakeholders to deliver timely updates.

Next Music

Next Music

typescriptreactnext.jschakra ui

Date: Oct - Dec 2022

Next Music was a dashboard for artists to access all of the offerings of Next: track followers, manage a crew (think patreon), configure social links (linktree), etc. I was involved with early decisions on the tech stack & patterns, led a squad of 4 engineers, implemented features, and maintained 100% code coverage.




Date: 2020

RM2k.net is a solo fullstack project to archive and reminisce about old RPG Maker games. Users can create accounts with simple management options (change bio, reset password via email), download games, leave comments comments, or submit their own games.

Heroes of Umbra

Heroes of Umbra


Date: 2012 - 2018

HoU is a networked multiplayer action RPG. I managed to build a game engine with libGDX/kryonet, teach myself pixel art to create the game assets, and publish the game on steam.

Battle Camp

Battle Camp


Date: 2014 - 2018

BC is a monster catching MMORPG, winner of the App Store's Multiplayer Game of The Year 2013. I built intricate UI flows, game mechanics, and worked closely with backend teams to create APIs. It has 30m+ downloads and made over $50m in revenue.

Technical Skills

typescriptreactreact nativenext.jsmobx state treejavalibgdx

I've worked with several programming languages and libraries. For web applications I'm a fan of React, Typescript, Next.js, and Chakra UI. When I'm making games, I tend to lean into Java/Libgdx or GML. I'm comfortable writing native Android applications with Java, though these days I find React Native a bit more pleasant.

Non-technical skills include (but are not limited to): strength training, playing competitive dance dance revolution, studying kanji, and baking.

About Me

I graduated from University of San Francisco with a BS in Computer Science and have over ten years professional programming experience.

In 2018 I founded Alcuria Games LLC to create and publish video games in my spare time.

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